“Chapter 1”

She had spotted him in the distance after parking her motorcycle. It had to be him. He was standing alone, the only foreigner, slowly looking back and forth among the dwindling crowd obviously searching for someone. He was reasonably tall, not quite six foot, rather well built, nice looking she told herself, dark brown hair cut short above a tanned, open face.

She had lain awake the previous night thinking about him, secretly excited about their meeting, now butterflies began to take flight in her stomach.

I hope he won’t be cross with me for being late but he sounded nice on the phone, his voice soft, reassuring and friendly. She was not used to speaking with foreigners, they made her uncomfortable and she always felt her English was never adequate. And now here he was…just a few yards away. The butterflies were fluttering madly.

She smiled shyly brushing away an unruly lock of shoulder-length dark hair from her face and said quietly.

‘Welcome to Vietnam sir, please forgive me for being late.’ Conway nodded and returned her smile.

‘No worries Miss Kim Anh,’ he replied gallantly. ‘Thank you, it was good of you to come and meet me. I appreciate it very much.’

‘You must be tired from your flight sir,’ she said, trying to hide her nervousness. ‘There is a hotel car coming. It should be here now,’ she said frowning slightly. It was late too, making the butterflies flutter even more madly. My goodness, I am late and so is the hotel car, what will he think of us?

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