“Chapter 1”

‘I will wait for your hotel car sir then I'll meet you at the hotel because I have my motorbike and--’ at that moment another attractive young woman in a white ao dai joined them and introduced herself.

‘Hello sir, Mr Conway? I am Lisa from the Le Le Hotel, your car is over here sir,’ she said nodding to Kim and pointing to a waiting white Toyota crown.

Kim Anh acknowledged Lisa’s nod with a slight frown then turned to Conway. ‘Bye sir, I will see you back at the hotel,’ she said and hurried away across the car park her ao dai billowing in the slight breeze.

She was relieved. ‘He’s very nice…and handsome,’ she giggled to herself. ‘I hope he will allow me to show him around my city.’

‘Friendly girl,’ Conway said to himself watching her small figure now at the far side of the airport concourse.

Kim Anh kick-started her motor bike and stood for a moment watching his car merge with the traffic heading into the city. The first meeting was over; the butterflies had flitted to the ether and were replaced by a delicious excitement. Why did she have this uncanny feeling that her life was about to change...Forever.

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