“The Last Jeep to Baclaran”


When Vietnam vet Steve Conway takes a position as a hotel manager in Manila to seek peace and overcome a personal tragedy instead of tranquility, he finds a country in the throes of revolution. The Marcos regime is tottering and “People Power” is about to show the world that love of country transcends all. In this highly charged atmosphere he finds the operation he is working for is not what it seems. Behind the scenes are secret deals involving drugs, corruption and murder. It is a world of greed, deception and depravity in which he encounters degenerate expats, crooked cops, murderous locals and exotic women. Despite their hardship, poverty and oppression, the flame of democracy still burns brightly in the heart of the Filipino people and they are determined to throw off the yoke of the dictator and regain their freedom. [Click here to read an excerpt from the book]

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