"The Last Tuk Tuk to Bang Na"

Intrigue, Murder, Deception n Romance

Steve Conway returns to Bangkok to run his company’s local operation and saves the life of a beautiful Thai girl during a shoot out on arrival at Bangkok airport. A romance develops but Conway is unaware her family is marked for death by a Romanian drug lord because of a crackdown by her father, a high-ranking policeman.

Conway is drawn further into this dangerous web of intrigue when the drug lord becomes aware of his association with this family. He befriends a young Thai undercover cop who saves his life and tells him of a plot to assassinate the father at an award ceremony to be attended by the king of Thailand.

Suddenly a pleasant sojourn in the Thai capital turns deadly as in true Conway style he once again confronts murderous foes, exotic women intent on his seduction including the outrageously flamboyant and sexy Lily Li, Thai female boxers and British skinheads looking for trouble, in this tale of murder, deception, intrigue and romance set in Bangkok, Thailand’s exotic island of Koh Samet and Manila. [Click here to read an excerpt from the book]

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