Alex Isenhfeldt

    Hi John, just finished tuk tuk . Thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish - Steve Conway has an amazing capacity to attract trouble and beautiful women in no particular order, using both and his sense of impeccable timing and charm to negotiate himself out of the tightest of situations, this time in Bangkok. Through alley ways, restaurants, bedrooms and of course the 'Down Under' establishment, Steve takes on bad guys and ultimately prevails with style.
    The Last Tuk Tuk to Bang Na, as with John Pullinger's earlier books in the series, is excellently researched and makes for a gripping read.

    Joyce Lee

    Congratulations! Another rip-roaring adventure featuring the indestructible, irrepressible Steve Conway! The reader is taken on a journey and certainly gets an authentic experience of exotic locations: the oppressive heat, the food, the street life, shady bars and expensive hotels. One also learns about boxing, street fighting, some Thai expressions and even foreign swear words! With an explosive beginning on page one The Last Tuk Tuk to Bang Na is non-stop action all the way. Well done!

    Teresa Dawson (Gold Coast Queensland)

    The Last Tuk Tuk part three of the series of adventures of Steve Conway, a must read! From the first book 'The Last Jeep to Baclaran' I had to know more about this amazing larrakin and what he would get up to next. Every book draws you into each scene as if you are actually there. You can feel every emotion from the anticipation of danger to the feelings of love for the women he encounters. I could not put these books down, my husband who never reads, like me has read them all, we cannot wait for another of Steve's adventures!
    Thank you John just brilliant!

    Tommy Carson (The flying Scotsman)

    John, just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed your books. On getting into the last Tuk Tuk I found myself in new, yet familiar territory, with old friends re- appearing with their stories and, inviting me to join them in their grief and happy moments that have transpired since we last met in your previous books.
    I must say, it was hard to have a break while reading the last Tuk Tuk. In the end you left me waiting for number four in the adventures and life of the man Steve Conway and the Down Under team.

    Les Collin

    Yes mate, I spent an enjoyable day or so reading your latest in the series, whilst recovering from surgery. I have for some time been a fan of Lee Child, and have read every book he has published. I find your books offer the reader much of the same sort of suspense and “ down to earth “ no nonsense hero as Lee Child offers us through Jack Reacher. Maybe your Steve Conway will appear on the big screen one day.

    Glyn May (Veteran journalist, international communicator, and consultant to major tourism industry corporations in the South East Asian Region)

    I'm writing to congratulate you on your splendid book, "The Last Jeep to Baclaran" which I have just finished reading.
    The more pages I turned , the harder it was to put down as the tension and twists and turns of an intriguing plot built chapter by chapter.
    This is a very fine effort indeed -- slick writing, highly professional research, and free-flowing dialogue.
    This is an entertaining easy-to-read novel -- an irresistible travelling companion or a new best friend to snuggle up with on a lazy afternoon.
    Keep the books coming please. Your my hero Steve Conway is no doubt destined for more fascinating adventures in his escapades around Asia.

    A captivating story of cross-cultural love spiced with action and unforgettable characters. The Last Cyclo to Thanh Da: An absorbing novel that brilliantly captures the heartache of cross-cultural love complicated by the presence of a dangerous ex suitor and the spectre of a crazed former Marine intent on killing hotelier Steve Conway. While on holiday in Vietnam, Conway's life changes dramatically in this touching, often terrifying story of love, lust, hate, murder and ultimate tragedy.

    Tran Van Huong

    One of the best and most sensitive novels I have read about my country. It shows the writer has taken the time and trouble to try and understand the differences between Vietnamese and Western culture. He writes with compassion and clarity of the gulf that often separates those who try to cross the cultural barrier. Well written and I highly recommend this work.

    Jack Wilcox AM

    With this first book of a trilogy, local Maleny author John Pullinger has produced a gripping yarn of corruption, lust, greed and the brutality of the drug trade which permeated the dying days of the Marcos regime in the Philippines.
    Based on his own observations while working in Manila at that time, Pullinger has captured the excitement and colour of the night life, the bar scenes, corrupt officials, prostitution driven by poverty, the futility of alcohol fuelled Australian ex-pats eking out their lives in Manila, usually as a haven from some murky deed in Australia. Pullinger’s eye for detail with his descriptions of locations, the food, the beautiful and exotically clothed women, keeps you focussed on location in Manila. All of the characters are well drawn in an action packed story led by the hero with all the sexual prowess, skills and luck of a James Bond.
    A real page turner.

    Book two of John Pullinger’s trilogy ‘The Last Cyclo to Thanh Da’, set in Vietnam, finds the hero, veteran Steve Conway, on a journey, to find an old wartime friend. The devastated city of Saigon has become a booming free-wheeling metropolis powered by the God, Honda. A romantic interlude engulfs Conway in a cocktail of violence and murder fuelled by deception, the clash of cultures and the undercurrents of hatred still festering in the minds of some combatants from both sides of the Vietnam conflict. Pullinger’s knowledge of the language and customs is a masterful blend of travel odyssey and explosive action with a surprise ending.



    Elena Meysak (Moscow)

    The second book of the trilogy has far exceeded my expectations. Although it is an independent book and can be read separately, it was as much pleasure to read as the first book. One of the distinct features of The Last Cyclo To Thanh Da is that it holds the reader's attention until the very end of the book. When I started reading it I got so fascinated by the plot that I literally stopped doing anything until I read the book to an end. So until you read the last word don't even think that you know it all. The plot had a strong effect on me and it is not only intriguing but also thought-provoking. Besides, it had an added value in terms of more cultural and geographic knowledge of South-East Asia, gave me the flavour of the local life and traditions. Really special about the book is that like the first one it gives the effect of a physical presence at the scene, creating a feeling of travelling through time, space and history. Bottom line: the book is highly recommended to every reader who wants a bright, adventurous, thrilling and at the same time romantic novel that (s)he will read in one breath.

    Gerard Loth (Brisbane Australia)

    Congratulations on an outstanding effort.
    I throughly enjoyed the story.
    I'm not sure if it is a Vietnam thing but I got totally engrossed in the story.
    Many of the places mentioned (especially in Vung Tau) brought back a lot of memories of my time there.
    It certainly describes a different perspective of the country that I encountered but remember I was there during the "American" war. Kim Anh is such a pivotal character in the story and it added to the suspense and certainly the ending (which I didn’t pick). More credit to you.
    I was able to relate to the way that you reintroduced some of the characters for the first book, it was easy to follow your description and that made for such a seamless transition.
    Overall, I reckon it is a great yarn and, as I've said before, it would make an outstanding movie.
    John, I hope that the book gives you both financial and literary success that I feel you throughly deserve.
    Bring on The Last Tuk Tuk to Bang Na.
    I can hardly wait.

    Alex (Capetown, South Africa)

    I thoroughly enjoyed the 2nd book The Last Cyclo to Thanh Da. I'll be in Vietnam at the end of this month with my 16year old so the book was a good warm up. We will spend two nights in Saigon - looking forward to it !!!

    Helen Nolan( Ex Pan Macmillan publishers )

    Once I picked up “The Last Jeep to Baclaran” and committed to the story I raced through it and thoroughly enjoyed Steve Conway's adventures. You have an easy writing style that pulls the reader along. Your descriptions made me feel like I was there and who can resist the big man Jumbo Keyes! I thought the characters were really well-developed. I intend to tell all my friends. Now I really want to try San Miguel beer!! I'm onto 'Last Cyclo' now!

    Neville Allen( Internationally published author of several books on South east Asia )

    Finished the book in bed last night. A bloody good read which I thoroughly enjoyed. “The Last Jeep” is extremely well written, the best proof of which was I kept wanting to get back to it to find out what would happen next. I also liked the little witticisms. Anyway congratulations on “Jeep” and I look forward to “The Last Cyclo".

    Sally Tyben

    I just wanted to say that I finished your book the other night and it was great. I haven’t found a fictional book that I just wanted to absorb and discover what was in store as much as this one for a long time. You have given me back my love of getting sucked into great fiction, thanks John. Oh and I am really looking forward to the 2nd book. I am interested to see what trouble Steve Conway can get himself into. And whether he ends up with Susan. LOL...

    Pat Koberts

    Just to let you know I'm still reading your book The Last Jeep to Baclaran. It's a very enjoyable yarn .... interesting characters - very visual ... I can see them all in my mind .. each night I manage to read as many pages as I can manage before I go to sleep .... it's great !!!

    More Happy Readers:

    The Last Cyclo to Thanh Da

    A beautifully written love story. Romance spiced with action.
    Thank you John for taking me into Vietnam and its people, I want to go there now...
    Kept me up all night wanting to find out what was to happen.
    Steve Conway, a great character John, when is the third book coming out?...
    A stunning ending, took me completely by surprise...
    Touching and Poignant, up there with Nicholas Sparks.
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